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Off the Wall has always taken a slightly different direction when it comes to replacing your roof. We take your roof to a higher level of protection. When we quote your home, we quote the best, yet most economical system for your home. We offer many types of roofing, and we offer free brochures on any type of shingle you are interested in. If you are not sure what you are looking to get, we have samples that will be provided for your consideration.


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The Process Of Roof Replacing

Removing The Old Roof
Generally we must start by stripping off the old roof shingles. Even if only one layer is on the home we find it better to strip, nail down any loose boards or plywood with 2 ½ inch galvanized spiral nails. If any wood needs replacing your quote will have an extra charge per foot price so there is no confusion. When stripping a roof we usually start at the back and work our way forward, thus once an area is clean we never have to redo. We put rubberized canvas tarps on the ground to protect your property and that of your neighbours, if required. Plywood is also leaned again the home to protect doors, paint, window and air conditioning units, etc.

Eave Starters and Drip Edges
After the old shingles are removed and the decking is nailed down, an eave starter material is installed. These eave starters can vary depending on your homes needs.

When we do valleys on your roof we prefer to use an ice and water shield as a base. Once this material rolls have been laid down in one piece from the top to the bottom of the valley we shingle over the valley material, being careful not to nail close to the centre, and up the other side. When the other slope is shingled, we overlap the shingles again and when the valley is filled in top to bottom we caulk a line and cut the top layer back 2 inches from centre. We prefer not to do a metal valley except in emergency repairs, where they would only be on the roof for a few years before a re-roof is done.

Flashing and Plumbing Stack Gaskets
All metal flashings with baked paint finishes are used  be it on a chimney or a dormer or any other protrusions through your roof, is always replaced.

Building code requires one square foot hole near the peak for every 300 square feet of attic area. This figure is a combination of ridge and soffit ventilation - both must be in place and working in unison to operate to potential. We prefer ridge vents in almost all applications as they are the most modern and best engineered system of ventilation.


We are fully qualified to install new or replace old skylights. If an old skylight exists on your roof we may suggest replacing it with the roof as a precaution. We cannot warranty old skylights with a new roof; therefore an assessment would be made for each skylight.
All interior finishing for the skylight(s) can be done by us. We have specific ways of making the inside of your home look unique with the skylight. Doug is able to do the geometry in his head to maximize your ceiling opening without having to install a battery of skylights - sometimes less is more - sometimes.

Eave Trough

Off the Wall offers a wide range of sizes and colours of eaves trough and down pipes. As modern builders we only use brackets that are either screwed or twist-nailed to your fascia. The old nail and furl (tube) system just doesn't stand up to the weight of ice in winter. These brackets won't cost you any more - it's just the proper way to do the job.

We also recommend that a seamless trough no smaller than 5 inches should be used on most houses. For very large houses with huge sides we will occasionally suggest a 6 inch seamless trough. We also recommend a 3 x 3 inch down pipe as a minimum size to help ensure less chance of blockages. An optional leaf guard is also available.

If you look at the pictures of our previous jobs, you can see that we never dump water onto the shingle from an upper roof - down pipes should always run from upper trough to lower, and then to the ground without having concentrated water running onto the shingle. This can shorten the life of shingles as they are designed to have rain water running onto them and not a torrent from a down pipe.
At home estimates are free and we do supply colour samples to help you match up an existing scheme or to choose a new one.

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