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About Off The Wall - Home Improvements and Roofing

Off the Wall Home Improvements & Roofing was established in 1988 by Doug King. Doug can trace his family’s history on both sides’ back a hundred years and more, in the Renovation and Building Arts business.

Many of Doug's designs have received rave reviews from other builders and customers alike. Now Magazine voted Off the Wall Runner Up in the Renovator of the Year category in 2001. Many such customers are always ready to give a personal recommendation or even have a client of Doug's view his work in person at their homes. This is the kind of relationship Off The Wall has with its clients. A great number of these clients over the years have trusted Doug with up to 3 of their homes over the span of his business.  A second generation, the children of some clients have used Doug’s services.  We feel lucky to call many clients friends and have established close relationships.

All Warranties are Honoured and Always Will Be. When it comes to value, we try to balance high quality workmanship and materials with reasonable prices. We cannot compete with the cheap, unlicensed neighbourhood handy-people, nor have we ever wanted to. Instead, we strive to give our customers the skilled workmanship and experience which equals the best quality, material and design for the best price possible. It is very difficult to quote against other companies that do not follow the rules and laws of the construction trades, especially with sky high insurance rates, high fuel costs, material costs increases and workman’s compensation rates.

We will not compromise the quality and good workmanship for short term, or lower our standards. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and always will be. Contact Off The Wall for more information.

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about off the wall home improvements and roofing in mississauga ontario

We Care About The Environment

off the wall home improvements and roofing in mississauga, gta, ontarioAt Off the Wall, we understand that that building and Renovation business can produce a lot of potential Landfill.....therefore we do spend the unpaid time to separate and transport Metal, Wood, drywall, clean landfill and other such materials to recycling centres.  We try very hard to not let one piece of material slip by that could be re-used in new material.

The other environmentally, slightly more friendly materials such as quarried stone, like Granite, Marble and Slate are a preferred for usage compared to particle board, off gassing, counters.  We prefer Solid Wood to boards or trims containing chemicals and glues.
When using trims to be painted I like to use finger jointed solid woods, smaller pieces used for long trims so almost nothing is wasted.
I have also done a few Green living roofs.

Admittedly, Off the Wall is not a cutting edge All Green Company -however, we are just sensitive to the side effects and try to be as responsible with materials as we can.

Protection of trees and plants and Animals on sites is also paramount to us.  We also protect ourselves, so no worries.


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